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Super Perils of Baking Special Edition

Super Perils of Baking Special Edition

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Introducing the Super Perils of Baking Special Edition! 

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Super Perils of Baking is a ground-up remake of Lillymo Games’ very first title, 2018’s 2D platformer Perils of Baking. In Super Perils of Baking, players take control of a talented student-baker who has but one goal in mind: Stopping his brother -- enchanted by a cursed baking hat garnered from their school's basement -- from wreaking havoc throughout the land.

Written entirely in verse with a storybook-like presentation, Super Perils of Baking spans 50 core levels and totes plenty of secrets, too. With concise 2D platforming, balanced difficulty, beautiful pixel art, a fun soundtrack, and tons to unlock (including new playable characters). Lillymo’s newest offering is made for audiences young and old (and is especially cute for adults to play with their children).

Whether on foot, hurtling in a minecart, swimming underwater, holding onto a balloon, or altering gravity and quite literally turning things upside down, Super Perils of Baking is a food fight for everyone... and True Bakers will find New Game+, Trophies, and tons of collectibles to keep them busy post-adventure, too.

Special Edition includes:

  • Super Perils of Baking on PlayStation 4
  • Sega Genesis style outer box
  • Two postcards
  • Sticker sheet with six individual stickers
  • Hand numbered certificate and thank you card

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